ABSN Prerequisites and Education Requirements

Our 16-month Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing (ABSN) is rigorous, making it important that you feel confident and prepared before enrolling. Your previous education plays a crucial role in how prepared you are, which is why you may need to fulfill any outstanding prerequisite courses and general education coursework prior to beginning the curriculum.

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Depending on your previous education, and how long ago you may have taken certain science courses, your status when it comes to Accelerated BSN prerequisites may vary. Whatever the case, so long as your previous college coursework meets the GPA and accreditation requirements, you can complete any outstanding ABSN prerequisites with us to prepare you for your nursing program.

When you call, one of our admissions counselors will walk through your transcripts with you to determine which, if any, courses you will need to take. 

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Required Prerequisite Courses

Prerequisite courses must be completed prior to admission with a “C” grade or higher. Students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher for all college courses taken, as well as a 3.0 GPA of combined Science prerequisites.

PrefixCourseCourse TitleCredits
PSY230Lifespan Developmental Psychology4
MAT165Quantitative Reasoning for Health Care Professionals3
CHE105Chemistry for Health Sciences4
Note: BIO 120 General Biology I with Lab is a prerequisite to this course.
BIO315Human A&P I with Lab
Note: BIO 120 General Biology I with Lab is a prerequisite to this course.
BIO316Human A&P II with Lab
Note: BIO 315 Human Anatomy and Physiology I with Lab is a prerequisite to this course.
  • All science and math prerequisites must be current within seven years from the date of acceptance to the University.
  • PSY230 must be current within ten years from the date of acceptance to the University.
  • General education requirements transferred from another institution do not expire.
  • Prerequisite courses may be repeated in their entirety in order to meet the grade and GPA requirements: Two re-takes due to failure/withdrawal are allowed (Note: This is two re-takes total, not two re-takes for failure and two re-takes for withdrawal).

Please contact an admissions counselor for more information.

General Education Requirements

Students are required to complete 30 semester credit hours in general education in the content areas below prior to the start of the nursing program. General education courses are eligible for equivalent transfer credit with a “D” grade or higher for Minnesota students and a “C” grade or higher for students in Oregon. In Oregon, remedial courses cannot be counted toward graduation requirements. General education requirements may be satisfied by prerequisite requirements.

Students should work with an admissions counselor to determine their individual path to completion.

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  • Communication: 6 credits (Writing (ENG) and Oral Comm)
  • Math: 3 credits
  • Natural Science: 4 credits Science (3 + 1) with lab
  • Social Sciences: 6 credits (History, Psychology, Sociology, Political Sci)
  • Humanities/Arts: 6 credits (Literature, Music, Theatre, Art)
  • Theology: 5 credits (Taken during the nursing program)

Students should work with an admissions counselor to determine their individual path to completion.

Prerequisite Course FAQs

Before being admitted into the ABSN program, students must have completed a number of prerequisite courses. Here we review some commonly asked questions about prerequisites. Please contact an admissions counselor for more information.

Do previous courses which could count toward prerequisites expire over time?

Yes. There is a seven-year limit on previous college credits remaining applicable toward completion of prerequisite courses. This standard is in place to ensure that foundational knowledge necessary to succeed in the program remains fresh and relevant for students.

Do prerequisites count toward the 16-month curriculum of the ABSN program?

No. The curriculum of the ABSN program itself requires 16 months to complete, but prerequisites do not factor into this time frame. They must be completed before enrolling because, to earn a BSN degree on such an accelerated timeline, students will need to have a firm foundation in several other subjects like biology, chemistry, and math.

Does my program location affect the grades I need to achieve in prerequisite courses?

No. Regardless of which program location you are seeking to enroll in, you will need to meet the same standards in your prerequisite courses.

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