Online Accelerated Nursing Coursework

You don’t have to spend every day on campus to become a nurse with CSP Global’s 16-month Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing, which was designed for career changers and transfer students alike. Our innovative, accelerated BSN combines online accelerated nursing coursework with skills labs and clinical learning experiences, allowing you greater flexibility without compromising your education.

How Online Accelerated Classes Work

There are some things you just can’t master without a variety of learning experiences — and for that students participate in skills labs at our learning sites and clinical experiences offered through a combination of simulation and direct care experiences. In ABSN online courses, you’ll learn important topics such as the fundamentals of nursing theory, public health policies and pharmacology principles, to name a few.

Though a part of the curriculum occurs in an online setting, you will receive ample support throughout the ABSN program. In addition to the face-to-face time you’ll receive in labs and clinicals, your classmates and instructors are easy to reach through our online learning management system’s built-in chat function and discussion boards. And as with any traditional, on-campus program, your instructors make themselves readily accessible through office hours, phone and email. They’re here to support the achievement of your dream of becoming a professional nurse.

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Benefits of Online Learning

While students often cite the ability to complete their coursework at the time of day that works best for them as a favorite benefit of online learning, there are also some key learning advantages worth considering.

We all learn differently. Some of us benefit from visual depictions. Others need to hear or read something for it to sink in. Our online accelerated nursing coursework provides students an interactive, collaborative learning experience that accommodates all of these preferences, helping you to better retain the content.

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Through our user-friendly e-Learning platform, you’ll:

  • Read, watch, listen to and engage with nursing coursework.
  • Interact with your cohort and instructors through discussion forums and chats.
  • Participate in simulated case studies designed around specific learning objectives.
  • Take self-assessments to prepare for tests and quizzes and identify areas you need to work on.
  • Complete and upload writing assignments and required discussion posts.

Equally important is the fact that what you’re learning in your online nursing coursework ties in with what you’re doing in labs and clinicals at the same time, ensuring you are able to learn and master the content and graduate ready for professional practice.

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